Local communities are the lifeblood of our operations. We are currently active in Tunisia, led by country manager Mounir Ferjaoui, where we employ hundreds of people together with ETAP.


“At Mazarine Energy, we want everybody to go home unharmed. We will do everything possible to achieve this.”

Edward van Kersbergen, CEO

The health and safety of our employees and communities around our sites are our top priority.

To make sure all our teams understand the policies, we provide thorough training and education on Health & Safety protocols, as well as frequent practice drills to verify our level of preparedness exceeds expectations.

Ethics & Integrity

Mazarine Energy holds itself to the highest ethical standards and expects the same from its employees and contractors.


Mazarine Energy always aims to minimize its environmental footprint wherever it operates. We have strict environmental policies on our work sites and have in place a Environmental Management System to make sure these policies are closely followed.


Mazarine Energy was born out of making the most of the opportunities that cross your path.

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