Local communities are the lifeblood of our operations. We are currently active in Tunisia and Romania where we aspire to establish a long term positive and trusting atmosphere with all relevant parties in the areas where we operate.
Our strategy focuses on three main axes:

• Direct communication and respect of business rules
• Local employment
• Local contractor involvement


“At Mazarine Energy, we want everybody to go home unharmed. We will do everything possible to achieve this.”

Edward van Kersbergen, CEO

The health and safety of our employees and communities around our sites are our top priority. We have a full HSE management system in place, with a wide range of procedures. We provide thorough training to all employees in their local language and create a safety minded atmosphere to ensure that all of our employees understand and adhere to our Health & Safety protocols and policies by making it a standard.

Ethics & Integrity

We require the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct from our employees, directors and board members. Our reputation for honesty and integrity is important for the success of our business. We aim to ensure that our business practices are compatible with, and sensitive to, the economic and social priorities of each location in which we operate. Although customs vary from country to country and standards of ethics may vary within the different business environments, honesty and integrity must always characterize our business activity.
Additionally, we believe in giving back to the local communities where we operate, both through employment as well as philanthropic efforts.


Mazarine Energy always aims to minimize its environmental footprint wherever it operates and adheres to strict environmental policies to achieve this.


Mazarine Energy was born out of making the most of the opportunities that cross your path.

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