Employee Policy


Mazarine Energy was born out of making the most of the opportunities that cross your path.

When founder and chairman Edward van Kersbergen was presented with an opportunity to obtain a permit to search and drill for oil in Tunisia, he did not hesitate to put all the necessary wheels in motion, and from that moment onwards, Mazarine Energy was a reality. Further building on the company’s strengths of being able to quickly turnaround big projects while adhering to very high standards, the company shot seismic 3D, drilled two wells that both tested at commercially successful rates.

As a company, we believe in combining global expertise with local knowledge to both get the most out of our assets and bring the most to the local community.

This premise is reflected in the company name, Mazarine, and our visual identity. Besides being a color, Mazarine blue is also a butterfly, whose habitat ranges from Eurasia to parts of North Africa.

The different colors in our visual identity represent the different backgrounds we have in our company.

Looking at the future, we believe that Mazarine Energy can provide the expertise to effectively and efficiently search for, develop, and produce oil and gas for as long as fossil fuels are a necessity for mankind.

Mazarine Energy actively searches for opportunities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and focuses on on-shore, low-risk opportunities that can be quickly developed.